Have you tried the super food Freekeh?

Have you tried Freekeh

For the last 10 years or more, super foods have been all the rage. These wonder foods that up until recently were not eaten by the general public. We now seem them everywhere. One of the problems with the rest of the world being let in on the little health secrets is that the price can raise dramatically on those items. I remember getting quinoa years ago and when no one was eating it, it was only $8.99 or so at Costco for 4 pounds. Now it is closer to $20 for the same amount. Nothing like the word getting out, huh?

During a recent visit to purchase some quinoa, my husband came across a bag by one of the quinoa manufacturers that was $8.99 for 4 pounds. The product was called Freekeh — pronounced “FREE- KUH” and I was really excited to try it. It is is a cracked grain and has a great texture. Here’s some fun facts about the super food Freekeh

  • It has less calories per serving than quinoa or brown rice (130 per serving)
  • Cooks quickly in 20 or so minutes in the 2.5 cups of water — I use chicken stock
  • Has 8g of protein per serving
  • Should be rinsed just like quinoa
  • Contains gluten
  • Has 0mg of sodium

These super food functions similarly to quinoa and could possibly be replaced in many of the same recipes. Freekeh has a chewy, nutty texture like brown rice. The picture at the top of the post is a batch I just made using some chicken stock. It will make a great addition to your next meal while providing great nutrition.

Have you given Freekeh a try? If you haven’t, give it a go. Pretty soon it will be popping up all over the grocery store shelves, but for now you can find it in some health food and specialty stores as well as Costco.


Headshot Footer Heather Santo is a 20 year cake decorator turned Wellness Enthusiast who is an absolute foodie and has changed her own life for the better by losing 85lbs. She is also a virtual assistant to help busy entrepreneurs by making their lives easier and healthier. On her journey to natural health, she learned that essential oils could change her life and now teaches others daily to use them as part of their everyday lives as well.


  1. says

    Thanks Heather, I’ve never tried it but now I will. I tend not to eat a lot of grains to begin with so I like trying fun new things that make them exciting. I’m going to try a pilaf of some sort. Would it work well in a soup and hold up like barley? Fun.

  2. Lacie Johnson says

    I am always scouring Pinterest for new ideas for dinner that are healthy. It’s so nice to have some advice on what to try. I would never have even thought of Freekeh had you know recommended it! Thank YOU

    • Heather Santo says

      You can do anything that you would normally do with quinoa. I added a lemon herby dressing over it and it as amazing.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently started using Quinoa in salads and as a pasta replacement. I’ll have to check the FreeKeh out.

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